In our quest to alleviate the impact on the general society, Beautiful Beginning Outreach Relief is currently involved in the following activities with identified orphaned, under-privileged and vulnerable members of our community and surrounding communities.

  • Providing quality education to the orphan and vulnerable child.
  • Supplying meals and snacks to our orphaned and vulnerable participants.
  • Clothing our participants with both school uniforms and casual attire.
  • Sheltering 161 orphaned and vulnerable female children on our program.
  • Acute medical care.
  • Gifts of food, clothing and other necessities to under-privileged members of the community such as widows, blind or physically challenged (when donations are available).

Project Activities

  • Safe shelter for 161 of our BBOR participants, which is absolute maximum capacity. Long term plans for our growing program is to build a complete campus on acquired land which would free up rental fees and allow for us to house additional orphaned and vulnerable children in a larger facility (we currently have a waiting list).
  • BBOR has a thorough intake process which helps to confirm the correct status of qualified participants through authentic documentations such as birth records and death records, if applicable, and home visits, if necessary.
  • Identification of any individual concessions our participants may need and assist with providing personal attendants, tutors and therapy on an as needed basis.
  • Recreational facilities such as football and a playground are available to BBOR participants to provide a secure environment to play.
  • Provision of nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Counseling.
  • Food distribution to widows, blind and physically challenged members of society (when available).

Project Objectives

  • Providing orphaned and vulnerable children a “beautiful beginning” to their childhood by providing them with quality education, nutritious food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs.
  • Creating a secure environment where the orphan and vulnerable child can feel safe, play and enjoy their environment.
  • Assist in networking for youth that have completed our program and wish to study further.
  • Encourage and give access to vocational skills so that participants can become self-sufficient.
  • Accomplishing physical, intellectual and aesthetic development for each child.
  • Elevating the lives of widows, refugees and under privileged members of the community.